Gamble Aware Released its Latest Organizational Strategy today

Gamble Aware Released its Latest Organizational Strategy today

Gamble Aware published the latest Organizational Strategy, blackjack online Malaysia which incorporates commissioning, study, collaboration, and broader industry, driven by the long-term view of a gambling harm-free society. 999Joker Malaysia casino Four main commissioning goals support the five-year organisational strategy:

  • Free stock photo of adult, agate, alternativeEstablish knowledge of the problems of gambling and understanding;
  • Enhanced access to facilities and reduced inequality of gambling damage;
  • Capacity for better response to gambling harm among health and community services;
  • Improving national gambling consistency, usability, variety and efficiency

Gamble Aware is not only focused on granting and acquisition of resources but also on investments in avoiding gambling harms over the longer term, thanks to its longer-term financial contributions from the game-based industry. Increased spending would be guided by a three-stage damage reduction approach to public health (universal, selective, and indicated). 

The new strategy would allow Gamble Aware to provide a work programme that shows leadership in building a coordinated service network, improving and sustaining it. This will enable the national gambling treatment programme to continue cooperation and development and ensure future service provision.


Gamble Aware cooperation with Health and Community Care is integral to achieving a world that is protected from playing games. Effective deterrence needs a coherent and organised ‘whole system strategy,’ which recognises that many others – particularly those with expertise of gambling harms – who either have or have the ability to play a vital role across the system. This ‘whole system strategy’ is designed to ensure consistent messages of prevention, strong referral routes and robust care for all people in need of treatment are in place.

Minority Community 

The plan of Gamble Aware lists more than 40 studies, assessment, schooling, and recovery programmes to achieve its view of a world that is protected from gambling. Activities include improving the National Gambling Addiction Service and developing clear treatment mechanisms in cooperation with providers. Other programmes include the joint commission of hubs based in the field; educational programmes for representatives of the religious and debt advisors; new community training centres; a focused women’s drive to protect the health of women and immigrant groups.

The aim of these custom-designed, focused programmes is to fulfil the dual purpose, while enabling statutory entities to follow up on this. Gamble Aware aims to achieve a future for NHS and other legislative authorities, while also being supported by the charitable and private sectors, to take the leadership in commissioning prevention and addiction services.

Comments made 

Cards, Poker, Addiction, ProfitIt’s apparent after thorough consultations that Gamble Aware and other organisations need to work together to build a gambling-protected community. Thanks to better financial certainty, we are now able to establish and execute long-term commissioning policies for a company that is less vulnerable to gambling and ensures that those that do get prompt and efficient assistance.

For the next five years, we will endeavour to develop the national Gambling Treatment Service’s accessibility and efficiency and to ensure that it is recognised by NHS and others as a large alliance of treatment and prevention programmes. 

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